Home Destroyed in Darien Fire

- Genesee County officials are investigating the cause of an early morning fire that destroyed a home.

Police say the fire started at 4:30 a.m. at 1363 Broadway Road in Darien. The house is divided into five different apartment units. Investigators say everyone was evacuated safely, but two people were treated for minor burns.

Tenants reported that a basement furnace was turned on and sheriff's deputies say that may have ignited the gasoline vapor and caused the fire. People inside the home said they evacuated as quickly as possible.

"It was time to get out," resident Josh Reeb said. "There was no going downstairs to see what was going on, it was get out now."

"We grabbed shoes and stuff to keep us warm because it's cold out and then we got out of the house," resident Ashleigh Dominiak said.

The Darien Volunteer Fire Department, along with several other agencies, responded to the fire.

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