Holiday Pork Prices Up

- Some shoppers say there's one reason they make it to Rubino's Italian Food...homemade products you can't find anywhere else.

"When it comes to sausage, we like their sausage," said shopper Jerry Mascia.  The hometown favorite is burning a deeper hole in everyone's pocket this holiday weekend. "Yeah, they've gone up," he added.

The pork sausages are costing owner Joe Rubino of Rubino's Italian Food more to produce.  "We've seen a 20% increase on that, over the last, oh, three, four months," he said.

Pork prices are up 12.2% over last year, according to the USDA.  The agency says demand for pork is up because of record high beef prices.  Beef prices have gone up nearly 10% since January because there are fewer herds.  Rubino says there's no relief in sight.  "They're talking about probably about six months to a year, if not longer," Rubino said.

Some shoppers say the extra expense is worth it for the quality.  "We pay whatever it is for it because it's great," said shopper Sam Amato.

The price of seafood is also up.  The USDA says that increase is also in response to increased demand because of higher meat prices.

Americans are expected to spend nearly $70 per household on meats, snacks, and other food for Fourth of July cookouts. That's according to the National Retail Federation.

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