Highland Park Neighbors Defending Their Neighborhood

- Tom Gallagher has called the Highland Park Neighborhood home for more than 30 years. Now, he's concerned the neighborhood he loves will soon transform into additional space for Highland Hospital, "We want to respect the fact they want to expand but we want them to respect the fact that we don't want that to change in the same way the area around the strong neighborhood has changed which is significant over the past 15 years," Gallagher says.

Highland Hospital has already purchased 27 Bellevue Drive and they need more residential houses to use as office space even though they haven't determined what they'll use the house for.  Gallagher's fears heightened when he heard the hospital is in talks with a bed and breakfast on Mt. Vernon that they're looking to buy.  Gallagher's fears heightened when he heard the hospital is in talks with a bed and breakfast on Mount Vernon that they're looking to buy.  "There's people worried about personal property value and also the long term neighborhood just preserving this beautiful neighborhood," Gallagher explains.

So, they're taking a stand by creating defendurbanneighborhoods.org, a website that informs the community what's been taking place. However, they're not stopping there.  "Signs are going up for Lilac Festival there will be people out there collecting names and the goal is to raise awareness on the issue," Neighbor Alex Zazubec says.

The hospital says they want to work with neighbors, not against them. A statement from the hospital reads, "As nearby properties become available we are interested in exploring how they may be useful as office space, but are committed to maintaining the residential character that makes the South Wedge a desirable place to live and work."

Residents just want the hospital to stay within their footprint.  Neighbors are asking as many people as possible to sign a petition on their website, to make their voices heard.

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