Where You Can Skimp on Skin Care

If you're like many people trying to budget these days, items like skin cream may be too pricey.  However, you really don't have to pay a lot to get a great complexion.

The shelves are lined with them.  Some say they reduce puffiness, others dark circles; some even claim to reduce sagging.

"One has be to be careful that it isn't promising more than science can actually deliver," said Dr. Riyaz Hassanali.

As a result, the cost of skin creams can be high.  Add to the price: A tough economy.  It may make you think twice about paying top dollar for your skincare.

Here's a bit of good news from Dr. Hassanali, a Rochester dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon.  He says you should never have to spend a lot on creams to keep your skin in good condition.

"Don't go based on price, because that's another thing that people get lured into," said Dr. Hassanali.  "'If it's more expensive, therefore it must be better.'  The reality is that there is no direct relationship between cost and efficiency."

Many of these products have vitamins and specific kinds of acids in them.  The key here is to know exactly what you're looking for and beware, because marketing can be tricky.

"For your basic hydration, any one of these products will do fine - especially in this time of year when the humidity level is low, where our skin tends to get dry," said Dr. Hassanali.

Dr. Hassanali says skincare products are only one part of the equation to keeping your skin healthy.   Staying out of the sun, not smoking and keeping a healthy diet are essential.

"Those are things that will make a difference, not creams or lotions alone."

Here's another tip: find a cream that works with your skin type - either oily, dry, or normal - and make sure it has an SPF of 30 or higher.

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