Health Watch: January 1st

- Vitamin E could help patients with Alzheimer's Disease. A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association looked at a group of 613 patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's Disease. Those who received vitamin E had about a 20 percent slower decline in their functional abilities. Researchers also found the time spent by caregivers was reduced by about two hours a day. 

A new study of more than 800 breast cancer patients shows the majority still reported some level of pain a year after surgery. Pre-operative pain, chemotherapy and radiation were some of the factors.

A good night's sleep may be critical for maintaining brain health. Researchers in Sweden conducted a study where participants were sleep-deprived for a night. In the morning, there were increased blood concentrations of certain proteins in their brains. These molecules typically rise when a person suffers brain damage, so researchers conclude lack of sleep may promote processes that can damage or kill neurons in the brain. 

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