Health Watch: January 14th

- A Princeton study finds people with kids at home are a little more satisfied with life than Americans who do not have children living with them. But researchers say parents have many more emotional highs and lows. The survey of Americans ages 34 to 46 found emotions like happiness, smiling, stress and anger were all higher for people raising kids. 

Researchers in Italy say feed probiotics to infants three months old and younger could help prevent gastrointestinal problems, including colic and acid reflux. They studied more than 500 newborns for 90 days and found the ones who were fed probiotics cried less and had fewer stomach problems. 

Two reality shows about teen moms may have led to a "reduction" in teen pregnancy. A new study suggests the popular MTV shows "Teen Mom" and "16 And Pregnant" led to a nearly six percent reduction in teen births. Researchers at Wellesley College and the University of Maryland say Internet searches and tweets about birth control spiked when the show was on. 

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