Health Watch: December 27th

- There is a possible link between concussions and Alzheimer's Disease. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that a history of concussions involving a loss of consciousness may be related to plaque build-up associated with Alzheimer's in the brain. The study looked at nearly 500 people and found those with memory and thinking problems and a history of head injury has higher levels of plaques. 

Hong Kong has confirmed the first day from the H7N9 or bird flu in the city. The bird flu strain surfaced in people earlier this year and has killed more than 40 people in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. At this point, there is no evidence people can pass the virus to other people.

For patients with tongue cancer, surgery may be better before chemotherapy. Researchers at the University of Michigan looked at 19 patients and found those who started their treatment with chemotherapy fared significantly worse than patients that had surgery to start. More than 13,000 Americans will be diagnosed with tongue cancer this year. 

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