Health Watch: December 13th

- The World Health Organization says cancer killed more than eight million people around the globe last year, up eight percent from 2008.  There was a sharp rise in the number of breast cancer cases. Lung and colon cancer were also at the top. Researchers say the biggest increases are in developing nations where there has been a shift toward western lifestyles.

Government scientists says only 40 percent of Americans have received a flu shot this season. The Centers for Disease Control is urging more people to get one. Experts say the vaccine prevented more than six million cases of the flu last year. Numbers show about 35,000 people die from the flu each year. 

UCLA researchers say America ranks 22nd out of 27 high income nations when it comes to efficiency in health care spending. The study found every additional $100 spent on health in the U.S. gains less than half a month of life expectancy. In Germany, every $100 translated to four more months of life expectancy. 

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