Greece Schools Tighten Security for Visitors

- Greece, NY (WROC)-  You'll have to pass through a brand new security system to get into Greece schools.  Visitors will be required to show a photo ID, which is then scanned through the national sex offender registry.  Once cleared to enter the building, a visitor pass is printed out instantly.  The system is called Raptor, and experts say it has stopped 15,000 sex offenders from entering schools in the United States.

'There's an emergency alert button on there, there's a sex offender alert on there," said Steve Chatteron, Director of School Safety and Security, "There's also a private alert which we enter.  We can enter a custody issue in there, a certain parent is not allowed in the building.  We could actually enter that into the system also."

Visitors only have to scan their ID on the first visit.

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