Greece School Board Votes to Accept Duffy's Resignation

The Greece school board voted Tuesday night to accept the resignation of a Greece Olympia teacher who submitted her resignation last week.  American Sign Language teacher Sharon Duffy gave up her post  after the district launched an investigation into a photo posted to social media.  Some students and parents came out in support of Duffy at Tuesday night's meeting. 

The Greece School Board listened as students past and present, as well as parents,rallied around ASL teacher Sharon Duffy.  A  photograph prompted a Greece school district investigation last week.  It  showed Duffy at the whiteboard with a vulgarity written at the top.  One which we have chosen not to repeat.

"She was a wonderful person.  An absolutely wonderful teacher.  She cared more about these students than any other person I have ever met.  She always went above and beyond for the kids," said Kathy Natkin, parent.

The parent of a student in Duffy's classroom posted the photo to social media.  The school district immediately launched an investigation.  One day later Duffy resigned.

"The lessons that she taught us are nothing that we can phrase into words.  I mean there's a feeling that she taught us how to be better people.  And you can't really express that in one, three minute statement," said Donald Petroske, former student.

Since then an online petition has circulated, calling for the district to reinstate Duffy.  Tuesday night the board voted to accept her resignation instead.

"My brother and my sister had her.  And I really loved like how amazing she was with my brother and sister.  And I always wanted to be a part of the plays and stuff that they did.  So I wanted to do it myself," said Jacey Palmgreen, future student.

The Board of Education would not comment on what it called a personnel matter.  It released this statement: "While we understand that you may disagree with certain decisions, we ask you to keep in mind that you simply do not have all of the information that is available to the administration and the Board of Education."

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