Greece Ridge Mall Releases Statement Concerning Jewelry Lab Theft

- Greece, NY (WROC)-  The Greece Ridge Mall released a statement today explaining how three suspects allegedly got past mall security and proceeded to rob the Jewelry Lab on their property. 

Thomas Pryor of Spencerport, Alexander Kates of Rochester, and Q-Zay Clark of Farmington are accused of a home invasion and the robbery of the Jewelry Lab. All three have pleaded not guilty.

Two weeks ago, the unthinkable happened to Jewelry Lab owner Amal Salib and her family.  Police say her general manager, and his wife and son, were kidnapped.  It happened on August 6th.  Salib's employee was followed home by two armed men.  Police say the family was bound with duct tape and held in a bedroom overnight by Pryor, Clark and Kates.  According to court documents, the next day investigators believe the men stole the family's car and went to the Jewelry Lab.

Here's the complete statement by Greece Ridge Mall:

The Mall at Greece Ridge has over 140 different stores, which collectively employee over 1,500 full and part-time staff. 

The suspects involved in the theft at the Jewelry Lab entered the store under the guise of store employees. They entered the premise with a key and code to de-activate the alarm system, which had it gone off, would have alerted mall security and authorities. The incident occurred during the hours the mall doors are open to the public for mall walkers, store employees and a few stores.  To anyone passing by, they could have been construed as store employees, prepping the store to open and/or take inventory in the morning.  This was not a breach of security. 

Greece Ridge’s security did everything according to procedure, including cooperating with the Greece Police Department to aid in the investigation and arrest.

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