Greece Man Plans To Challenge Slaughter In November

- There is a third contender for the 25th congressional district seat. 

Greece resident Tim Dean announced his candidacy Friday at the Barnard Restaurant and Party House. The Independent is a veteran, having served several tours of duty with the Marine Corps. For over the last 20 years, Dean has been working as a commercial truck driver. According to his campaign website, his main objectives are in matters of veteran affairs, education and Second Amendment rights. Dean plans to run on the Independence Party line.

"I'm looking to run because people are looking for an average American; someone who isn't a career politician and doesn't have an Ivy League education," he said. 

Dean is the second challenger for longtime Congresswoman Louise Slaughter in this mid-term election cycle. Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini announced his candidacy Thursday, hoping to get on the Republican ticket. Slaughter, the longtime Democrat, has never lost an election since she was first voted into office in 1986. 

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