GRE Business Report: January 9th

- The way you watch TV may be in for some big changes in the near future. Sony announced it plans to test cloud-based TV service later this year. They hope to offer TV service similar to cable. It would include TV channels, On-Demand episodes and the ability to record programming. The move to virtual cable providers has been talked about before, but Sony's announcement seems to signal its intention to be among the first to offer it. 

Animal rights activists demonstrated at Southwest Airlines' headquarters in Dallas Wednesday. The activists contend that Seaworld abuses their whales because of the way the captive whales are treated. They want Southwest to end its relationship with the marine attraction. The activists delivered more than 25,000 petitions, calling on the airline to end its ties with Seaworld. 

Stocks for the legal marijuana businesses in Colorado are lighting up. Companies that grow cannabis have seen markets soar after marijuana's legalization. Most of these stocks are only available on over-the-counter exchanges. Many of the companies continue seeing large amounts of orders from consumers. 

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