GRE Business Report: January 24th

- When it comes to drinking soda, there may be more to worry about than all those extra calories. The World Health Organization and the state of California think the chemical "4-Mel" which is found in the caramel coloring that is added to soft drinks may cause cancer. But the FDA says there is no reason to believe 4-Mel poses a health risk. They are testing a variety of food and beverages with the chemical and reviewing safety data to see if any regulatory action needs to be taken. 

Toyotoa is still the world's largest automaker. The company sold 9.8 million cars in 2013, just ahead of General Motors and Volkswagen. GM sold 9.7 million vehicles and Volkswagen sold 9.5 million. Toyota's 2014 goal is even higher. The company says it will be the first year to sell 10 million vehicles. 

If you are a Neiman Marcus shopper, you could be the victim of hackers. The high-end retailer is reporting more than a million customers were impacted by a security breach. The breach lasted more than three months. The company says malicious software scooped up customer credit and debit card information between July 16th and October 30th. Visa, MasterCard and Discover reported 2,400 cards were used by thieves. 

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