GRE Business Report: December 23rd

- Monday is the last day to sign up for an Obamacare plan if you want health insurance coverage by January 1st. Those who want their coverage to start on New Year's Day will also have to pay their first month's premium by December 31st. If you do not mind having an insurance plan after January 1st, you can enroll anytime until March 31st. That is when open enrollment ends and penalties for the uninsured kick in. 

JPMorgan Chase is limiting the use of debit cards for customers at risk in the hacking breach at Target stores. The big bank says the move provides additional security for at-risk accounts. It says ATM debit withdrawals for potential victims of the breach in the U.S. are temporarily limited to $100 a day. The bank is also limiting purchases to $300 a day. Customers whose debit cards are at risk will not be able to access cash at ATMs if they are traveling internationally. JPMorgan says it is automatically re-issuing all affected debit cards. 

Target is offering an apology and a store-wide sale CEO Gregg Steinhafel says the chain is offering customers a 10 percent discount this weekend. It is the company's way of trying to bring a little goodwill back to consumers after it was announced payment card information was hacked over the past few weeks. Not everyone who used credit and debit cards were victims of the security breach, according to Steinhafel. He says Target will be offering monitoring services free of charge.

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