GRE Business Report: December 13th

- Ikea is recalling several children's wall-mounted lamps. The recall is for eight models, including a blue star, a yellow moon, a pink flower and a red heart. It comes after one toddler died and another was hurt. In each case, the lamp cord was pulled into the crib creating a strangulation hazard. People who have these lamps are urged to make sure the cord is out of the reach of children.

Facebook "likes" the S&P 500. The social networking site is going to join the benchmark index later this month, according to Standard and Poor's. Joining the S&P 500 club brings Facebook a bigger investor base and a validation in the business world. This also makes it easier for people to get a piece of the company. Shares of Facebook increased a little more than four percent on Wednesday. 

American Airlines has to pay $60,000 Wednesday after it allegedly misled passengers about its fees. According to the DOT, the airline told passengers that some of their fees were imposed by the government but they were not. The agency says it appears the problem was mostly misinformed employees, not deliberate deceit. The airline did not comment on the fine. 

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