Golden Givers - Susan Farber

Tonight's golden giver offers a priceless gift----her friendship. News 8's Maureen McGuire reports on Brighton resident Susan Farber----and her compassionate care giving.

One of the best things to ever happen to Ethel Feldman----happened late in life. At the age of 84, she met Susan Farber. In 2003, Ethel's family hired Susan to be Ethel's companion at the Jewish Home of Rochester.

For the next seven years, Susan spent 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, at Ethel's side.

"Everyone would say, are you sisters?  And I would say yes, yes, and friends.  And she taught me a lot, and I taught her a lot."

For Ethel's son and daughter--- Susan was a blessing. They live out of state. But knew Susan was giving their mom her best.

"It just blossomed into this incredible relationship.  We were incredibly lucky to have Susan.  We miss her as much as we miss my mom who passed away last year," said Bob Feldman, Ethel's son.

Because Ethel was blind, Susan helped her navigate around her own room, through the hallways, and with her walker.

For Ethel's 90th birthday, she took her to Ontario Beach Park. Ethel wanted to put her feet in the sand and water, one last time.

"She said, I wanted to do this so long, so long," said Susan.

"I could help somebody, I could be their advocate, whether they can't see, can't talk, can't hear.  I'm there to help them so that whatever years they have left, they're going to be happy. And I enjoy doing that," said Susan.

When Ethel passed away suddenly last year, Susan was by her side. Ethel was very special to Susan. Susan was Ethel's best friend.

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