Golden Givers: Karis Peters

For 47 years, Carl and Mary Catherine Weitzel have lived in their cherished home in Penfield.

For three years, their granddaugter Karis has lived with them. This is an arrangement born out of family, love and loyalty. Carl is 85. Mary Catherine is 86, and has Alzheimer's disease.

"We have to be with Mary Catherine 24-7, so with her memory and her problems, Cassy's just a godsend," said Carl.

For all her devotion and hard work, Karis' family wanted us to know how she cooks, cleans, shops and helps with Mary Catherine's hygiene. At the age of 24, she is a full-time caregiver.

"They always want to have family around. No matter what's going on, they want to have family," Karis said. "Especially with grandparents or parents in their 80s, you don't know how much longer they're going to live.

Because of Karis, Carl and Mary Catherine have been able to stay home and stay connected to the people and places they love most.


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