Sam Goodwin, East High School

Do you remember your favorite teacher when you were a kid? The East High School class of 1960 remembers one of theirs. Sam Goodwin taught science at East for three decades. At a recent class reunion they came up with the idea of honoring him a News 8 Golden Apple Award as a sign of their appreciation.  We're sad to report Goodwin passed away after receiving this Golden Apple Award.

Great teachers are never forgotten, their lessons live on in their students.  Sam Goodwin is one of those teachers.  He taught Science at East High School in Rochester for 30 years. This is a picture of Mr. Goodwin from the 1960 year book, the first year in the new building on Main Street.

At a recent class reunion, several former students thought it would be great to honor him the best way they knew how- with a News 8 Golden Apple Award.  Mr. Goodwin lives at the Legacy at Clover and Blossom. They invited everyone to be part of our honor. He was tickled to receive the award.

"I think that's awfully nice for sure. Thank you so much," said Goodwin.

That's Robert Patti, East High class of 1960.

"Sam was very special to us all," said Patti. "He was very special in the sense he was very personable, very assertive and yet very kind to all of us."

That's John Palermo, East High class of 1960.

"He was great. Always smiling. And he wore a long white coat all the time. And was down on the end of the hall and I'd see and I'd say oh, oh, here comes that guy with the white coat," said Palermo.

Why did you like being a teacher?

"Oh it's fun! I like doing physics cause we get to play with the toys," laughed Goodwin.

Thank you for letting us surprise you sir.

"Boy that was a surprise. Boy that was a surprise too. I thought I was in trouble with the nurse," said Goodwin.

Sam Goodwin is a News 8 Golden Apple Award winner.

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