Melanie Murphy, Northwood Elementary School

This is breast cancer awareness month. With that in mind we honor a teacher who went above and beyond for a little girl who lost her mother to breast cancer. We visit Northwood Elementary School in Hilton to give Melanie Murphy a Golden Apple Award.

John and Nina Frazier wrote and asked us to honor Northwood Elementary School Teacher Melanie Murphy. Mrs. Murphy was there every step of the way as Nina's Mom Laura fought cancer.

I've never been more proud to present a news 8 Golden Apple Award. Mrs. Murphy's class is like a big family. Really the entire school is a family. And they were all there for Nina and her family.

Mrs. Murphy says "This was a very, very god place for her to be everyday and it was so wonderful to have her. And I'm so glad I've gotten to get to know her and her family and she will always have a very special place in my heart."

Melanie knows being a teacher means being there for kids in good times and bad, in school and out. "Once I became a mom I realized how important this job was every day. Because someone else was trusting me with their kids. And that's why I love this so much. Outside of my family this is my absolute passion."

Melanie Murphy is a News 8 Golden Apple Award winner. You can read the wonderful letter we got from the Frazier family nominating her below.

Dear News 8,

In consideration of Mrs. Murphy of Northwood Elementary School in Hilton for the Golden Apple Award.

My daughter, Nina Frazier was in Mrs. Murphy's second grade class at Northwood Elementary School last year. Nina's mom, Laura Frazier had been diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2009. She fought a tremendous battle but went home to the Lord May 22, 2011.

Through the past year Mrs. Murphy has gone above and beyond her classroom duty during Laura's battle. Whether it was taking Nina home after school for a play date with her kids and then dinner, to Christmas caroling at our home during the holidays, Mrs. Murphy has been there for Nina. Not only with the extra activities outside of school, but especially, and the most important thing, lots of hugs and kisses every day. Nina went to school knowing that she would be loved and supported throughout the day. A HUGE comfort to both myself and her mother as we went to treatments, knowing that Nina was being cared for.

When the end was near, Mrs. Murphy called at least 3 times a week, making sure we had a plan in place, she would do anything I needed in the off hours, all I had to do was call. She always let me know how Nina did each day. She is truly a remarkable, kind and loving teacher. A true testament of someone that sincerely cares for her students. Mrs. Murphy was at calling hours waiting 2 hours in line and than at the funeral service to show both myself and Nina support and love. There were plenty of other Northwood teachers and administrators there as well, another testament to the love and support of everyone at the Northwood school. It really meant so much to Nina that they all were there, but especially Mrs. Murphy.

I can't tell you how much this is meant to our family as no 8 year old girl should ever have to lose her mother, but I thank God for Mrs. Murphy's Love, kindness and respect for my daughter and our family every day. Over the summer Mrs, Muphy even to the time to see Nina almost every week to spend some special time with her.


John Frazier

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