Marge Manico, RCSD School No. 46

- Isaiah Malcom, Elijah Parker and Dylan Son think Mrs. Manico is pretty special.  Elijah says "I wanted Ms. Manico to win the Golden Apple because she is a very fun teacher.  She gives us a lot of work, it's hard, but she helps us. She motivates us not to give up."

Marge says she wants her students to know she  will always support them.

"I think if kids feel that I think learning is important and their work is important and that it will play a big role in their lives in making them who they are, I think they'll take it seriously. And around here we take our work very seriously."

Now, after teaching 30 years at School No. 46 Mrs. Manico is retiring.  We are happy to honor her with a Golden Apple Award.

Here is the letter the boys wrote nominating her.

Dear News 8,

Mrs. Manico uses a lot of humor. During ELA and Social Studies she uses accents when she talks. She always seems to know when to tell a joke. She has owl spirit and she supports our school like ''whoot whoot! '' She encourages us to learn if a student wants to give up. She does not let us give up. To make learning more fun she uses students name in math problems which makes it easy to understand. She uses enthusiasm and creativity to teach us kids.


Elijah Parker, Isaiah Malcolm and Dylan Son

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