Jeanne Utter, East High School

- The University of Rochester has been given more time to come up with a plan to run East High School. That's welcome news to teachers and students at East who have no idea what the future holds. Among them, is Science Teacher Jeanne Utter, our News 8 Golden Apple Award winner.

Jeanne Utter always puts kids first and she stands up for them. Alicia Massey is one of the 9th Graders who nominated Mrs. Utter "That makes me feel special. Like she cares for me. Like she's family. Like you know family goes to the end of the world for you so I consider Miss Utter my family."

Mrs. Utter says East High is one big family. And like all families it's working on its problems together. "Here at East High School I'm not alone either. I'm going to tell you they should not be shutting down our school. That there's a lot of teachers here that put their heart and soul into what they do. And we really do care about each and every one of them. It's not easy. They have hard lives and we know it and we are willing to do what we can for them."

Here are the letters we received nominating Mrs. Utter.

Dear News 8,

I think Mrs. Utter should win the Golden Apple Award because of her dedication to her students and to all of the students of East High School. Mrs. Utter is always willing to go above and beyond what is required in order to help her students. She makes her time flexible, offers after school help, offers rides home to make sure that we are safe, and offers tutoring for exams. If Mrs. Utter doesn't win the golden apple award, its okay because she already won all of our hearts.


Alicia Massey

Dear News 8,

I believe that Mrs. Utter deserves to receive the Golden Apple Award. I have had many amazing teachers, but Mrs. Utter is by far the best. She's the only teacher that takes her time out & help extends extra help. I was never interested in science but Mrs. Utter drew me into it and helped understand it better. I am sure that if Mrs. Utter was privileged to receive this award, she would cherish it forever. This Award would not only be just an award to her, but a reminder as well. This award will remind her that she touched many hearts & gave us all inspiration to do better. Last Year Mrs. Utter was diagnosed with uterine cancer, & continued to come to school everyday. She didn't let her illness interfere with her student's education. I Feel comfortable with Mrs. Utter & can tell her anything & know that , that information is safe.


Kyra Powell

Dear News 8,

I Believe That Mrs. Utter Should win this Award Because Mrs. Utter extends her time after school to help us with our work. Mrs. Utter was diagnosed with cancer last year, & it made me view another side of her. She showed us that even when time gets rough, she was still able to get up & do what she loves best. Mrs. Utter was able to come back too school & teach us , even when she was going through Chemotherapy. With the thought of EAST being closed down next year. I believe that teachers like Mrs. Utter isn't being recognized for all the Good things they do for us. This award will be an appreciation & a recognition for Mrs. Utter & for the other teachers that takes their time out to help. If Mrs. Utter doesn't win this award, that will be absolutely fine, because having an opportunity to change someone life , & educating them is the best prize anyone can win.


Tyzhane Cook

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