Golden Apple

Jacqueline Siwicki receives Golden Apple

Wayne Central teacher brings authenticity to the classroom

ONTARIO, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Students remember what Jacqueline Siwicki teaches in her English class at Thomas C. Armstrong Middle School in the Wayne Central School District and they remember her.

That’s why former student Julia Ross-McGuire nominated her for a Golden Apple Award.

“She was always really encouraging. She really pushed my limits and pushed me to become a better writer,” Ross-McGuire, now a freshman, said.

Siwicki’s connection with her students does not go unnoticed by her administrators.

“She’s just authentic,” said Principal Derek DeMass. “She is who she is. I think she really gets to the core of what motivates people and she’s able to adapt to the very unique personalities that exist with her schools.”

Part of Siwicki’s talent comes from the fact that she practices what she preaches.

She worked at a newspaper in Gates and wrote for a cancer research journal at the University of Rochester before she entered teaching in her early 30s.

She now calls teaching the best job on earth.

“You don’t really get a lot of thanks as a teacher and you don’t expect it, so when it does happen and this is a pretty big deal the Golden Apple, when it does happen, it hits you right in the heart,” she said.





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