Ed Myers, School of the Arts

Our News 8 Golden Apple Award winner is a teacher whose passion is contagious. And he's inspiring students to reach for the stars. We surprise Ed Myers from Rochester's School of the Arts.

Whether it's working behind the scenes on a new production or in a Technology classroom, Ed Myers is part of just about everything at Rochester's School of the Arts. He's been at SOTA for 10 years. The first five as a Technical Director, the last five as a Teacher.
Senior Haley Mayer asked us to surprise Mr. Myers. "He's a teacher that got me where I am right now. He's really motivational, really caring and understanding. And I think he just helps a lot of kids."

There's a saying people in the theater know: "You can only succeed if everyone around you succeeds." Assistant Principal Alan Tirre says Ed Myers is one reason School of the Arts is successful. "So coming from that background of support and caring and love of art, love of teaching, love of education. That's what I think makes Ed not only a wonderful teacher, but a wonderful guy to be around."

"I try to always approach it that we're all in this for the same goal" says Ed. "And the goal is our students' education and whatever we need to do that. And if it means we're gonna act as friends, we're gonna act as partners to get this stuff done then that's what we do."

Haley says "He's an amazing teacher and I want to thank him for everything he's done since I've been here."

"The thanks all comes from me" says Mr. Myers. "It really does because I've seen Haley grow up, I've seen her mature, I've seen her start out as a bright eyed student and now she's talking about college. That's why I'm a teacher."

Ed Myers is a News 8 Golden Apple Award winner. If you look below you can read the letter we received from Haley nominating Mr. Myers.

Dear News 8,

I think my teacher Mr. Myers should be selected for the Golden Apple Award because he is the teacher who got us all where we are now, and every student agrees. He is an amazing teacher and explains everything so that everyone in the class understands it. He is understanding and he cares about every single student in our school, and I believe that he is one of the only teachers in the district who deserves to be known for it. I would not be a graduating senior this year if it were not for his motivation and help, and many others could say the same. Mr. Myers is not only an outstanding teacher, but he is also there as a mentor and a shoulder to lean on. He is always there if anyone needs to talk, and he is always willing to help. He sticks up for kids and really cares about us and our school. There are too many things to say about how amazing of a teacher Mr. Myers is, and we want to do anything to let him know that.


Haley Mayer, Senior SOTA

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