Dr. Bob Enck, Webster Schroeder High School

Our News 8 Golden Apple Award winner is a Science Teacher with a formula for success when it comes to kids enjoying school. Tonight we surprise Doctor Bob Enck at Webster Schroeder High School.

Doctor Enck teaches some the most challenging Science courses at Webster Schroeder High School. Yet students, like Senior Lindsay Sharrow, love coming to his class. She says he never lets a kid get lost in a difficult subject. Lindsay asked us to surprise Doctor Enck with a Golden Apple Award. "I have talked to many students who have had him in the past, and not one had a negative thing to say about him. Mr. Enck is very humble and is extremely helpful."

Bob Enck has been a teacher 22-years. He's Lead Teacher in the Science Department. Dr. Enck says "The relationship between teachers and students is pretty important so they know I'm there to help them. And I think we both enjoy the class more when that happens."

"He doesn't highlight the doctorate" says Assistant Principal Casey van Harssel." You know he got it for his own professional growth and he really is just a very humble, humble man but he is a very great teacher and great mentor."

Dr. Bob Enck is a News 8 Golden Apple Award winner. you can read the letter we got from Lindsay nominating him below.

Dear News 8,

Throughout a student's years in school, teachers come and go, but only some are remembered for being a truly great teacher who would do anything for their students. Dr. Bob Enck does exactly this. Mr. Enck, as students call him, is the AP Physics B and C teacher at Webster Schroeder High School. I have talked to many students who have had him in the past, and not one had a negative thing to say about him.

First off, Mr. Enck is very humble. His students did not figure out he had his doctorate degree until the sign above his room was changed from "Mr. Enck" to "Dr. Enck." He says he prefers Mr. over Dr. because he is used to it more, and that the Dr. is only needed for if he became a college professor. After eight years of schooling, he does not brag about the degree and thinks of himself as "just another one of the guys."

Second, Mr. Enck is extremely helpful. After every new thing he teaches to his students, he asks, "does anyone have any questions?" If anyone does, he could discuss it for fifteen minutes until the student understands the topic well. I went in for extra help several times and he worked with me for the entire period until I understood the topic in depth, so I was ready for the next quiz or test. To summarize, Mr. Enck is a caring and good-hearted person who deserves News 8's Golden Apple Award.


Lindsay Sharrow,

Webster Schroeder High School

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