Golden Apple

Christian Bieg receives Golden Apple

Fairport teacher energizes physics class

FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - High school Physics has the tendency to result in student inertia.

But not in Christian Bieg’s class at Fairport High School.

Bieg combines clarity and patience to distill complex concepts for students.

“He explains everything so well and he just goes out of his way to make time for his students whether it’s before, or after or during school, he’s always available to explain the really complex topics,” said Brennan O’Connor, one of two seniors to nominate Bieg for the Golden Apple Award.

When we entered Bieg class he was working one-on-one with a student.

“You can tell he has a passion not just for physics but for teaching, he really wants us to learn, gives you all the tricks that he uses himself just so you know they’ll work,” said the second nominator, Jack Callard.

To his administrators, Bieg is the teacher you know will take the ball and run with it.

“It’s evident when you see him and you hear him teach, his passion comes through in his every day lessons, it comes through in everything he does,” said Robert Clark, Fairport High’s principal.

Bieg may not have become a teacher had he not been able to afford his first choice for college.

It was in a community college a professor inspired him to explore education.

After being presented with the Golden Apple Award, Bieg gave us his simple secret to being an outstanding teacher, “Be yourself, make sure you enjoy what you’re doing and everything else just falls into the place.”



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