Chris Albrecht, Fred W. Hill School

- Chris Albrecht has taught at the Feed W. Hill School in Brockport for 16 years.  He was nominated by Fourth Grader Katlynn Sobolewski and her mom.  Mr. Albrecht is a humble man who says all the teachers at Fred. W. Hill School deserve Golden apple Awards.  But we could only choose one.  Here's our story.  Below you can read the letters we received from Katlynn and her mom.

Dear News 8,

I chose Mr. Albrecht for the Golden Apple Award because he helps me when I am stuck on problems such as Math, Language Arts and Science. He has given my class his home phone number and email address. This way we can contact him if we problems doing homework. I like that we have Fabulous Fridays in our class, you would be able to eat up stairs with other students in your class. Fabulous Fridays is when you have a good weak which means your homework all completed, good attendance and have outstanding behavior. The other thing I like is that he has a bean jar that he keeps on the front counter, when the jar is filled the two classes gets a reward. The first reward was a hamster. He sent a paper home saying if you can your welcome to bring the hamster home for a weekend. I feel he should win the award because he always is the first one to put things up in the hallway of stuff that we learned. He treats every child in the classroom as if they are his own children. I feel he wants every kid in his classroom to learn and have fun at the same time.


Katlynn Sobolewski

Dear News 8,

It so very touched us that Mr. Albrecht reached out with such positive news about Katlynn. He has always been great about returning calls and emails. But to take time out of his Friday afternoon, after the children have left for day and write this email, puts him at the top of my list of a Wonderful teachers that really care about their students. Whomever may follow him as one of Katlynn's teachers has HUGE SHOES TO FILL!

He's a step above the rest! I'm glad to see that after all these years of teaching that he still has the drive and compassion that makes him stand out as a teacher. Here's his message.

Hi Ms. Pouliot & Mr. Sobolewski,

Good afternoon! I just wanted to drop you a quick Friday email to tell you how much I enjoy having Katlynn in class. She has made a tremendous amount of progress academically and socially this year. She smiles a lot at school, and she has made a lot of very positive friendships. More and more, I see Katlynn helping others, sharing more, and developing a very positive way about her. I am proud of her. She is a joy to teach. Just thought you would enjoy hearing it! Have a great weekend.

Christopher Albrecht
4th Grade Teacher, Fred W. Hill School

See how great he is?


Jennifer Pouliot, Katlynn's Mother

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