Upcoming Event to Raise Awareness About Lake Quality

A recent study showed Lake Ontario is the most stressed of all the Great Lakes. The local chapter of the Sierra Club is hoping to help. "We love and cherish this beautiful resource we have but it won't be that way forever unless we as citizens advocate for it," says Peter Debes. He is the Vice-Chair of the Rochester Region Sierra Club. He and Kate Kremer care about Lake Ontario. They want others to understand just how important it is. 

"There are increasing threats to the Great Lakes. There was a study done last summer about plastics in the Great Lakes. It's something new that we haven't really investigated yet but there's a lot of them out there," says Kremer.

 We know about some of the issues. Invasive species have moved in from other bodies of water killing native fish and plants. "We have nutrient runoff from agricultural lands that are going into the lakes causing algae blooms and deplete oxygen in water," says Kremer.

She also says the actual lake levels are also causing problems for wetlands. "This is why people in Rochester and around the Great Lakes have to become advocates for the great lakes because there is going to be more and more pressure to use that water for different things."

Next week the Sierra Club is hosting two events in Rochester. Debes hopes to energize the public because there are lots of things people can do at home to protect the lake. Things like avoiding harmful cleaners. And, "being very careful about what you pour down the drain. Some of these things cannot be taken out by just sewage treatment and end up in the lake," Debes adds.

The event is happening next Thursday and Friday. The keynote speaker will be speaking Thursday night that is free and open to the public. On Friday you do have to register ahead of time for the workshops. For all of the details, click here.

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