Solar Powered Chicken Hut

A local farmer is going green with his chickens.  They are living in a solar powered hut! News 8's Katrina Irwin tells us how it works in this Go Green report. 

Inside the hut- the sun's energy is helping chickens lay eggs. 

"It's at a slight angle so all of the eggs actually roll into the center so the eggs stay as clean as possible."  

Gro-Moore Farms has a flock of chickens.  They lay about 35 dozen eggs a day.  They aren't green eggs.  But what is green about this project is the hut they stay in.

"Every time the chickens eat so much the feed goes down and it augers the feed right to them.  You need power for that and you also need power because chickens are attracted to light," said Joe Moore.

And all of that power comes from the sun's energy.  It's captured and stored in batteries.  A gauge lets Joe Moore know how much energy is left. 

"We ran it for a month and a half without any problems.  Then a week or two ago I had to charge the batteries for once," said Moore.

At Gro-Moore Farms the chickens have been here for about two months so the idea is relatively new and they get to move every two days.

"You kind of have to find where the hut is around here," said Moore.

That's because the chickens are a natural way to fertilize the ground.  Moore likes the fact that he doesn't have to plug anything in.   

"It's great," said Moore. "Couldn't ask for a better idea with the solar power.  It really helps out in being able to be out so far.  If I wanted to take this into a farm I wouldn't have to be so close to where we are, where our base is."  

"We're putting the hen back in Henrietta."  

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