Social Acceptance of Going Green

 Going green seems to be on an upward trend.  But, some have a hard time getting in the habit. 

We used to be a nation of litterbugs, but a lot has changed.  A major TV ad campaign from the 1970's made a lot of people think twice about their behavior.

There's a new movement - the green movement.   The message is the same, but with a slightly different twist.   Instead of just focusing on pollution, the message has expanded to all of the different ways we can help the environment.
"The price of energy going up so high.instead of driving they have biked and they walk and the prices have definitely put a pressure on them to do other things."

Money has a lot to do with their shift in attitude.  But to completely go green, people have to move out of their comfort zones.  Imagine going without a trash can at your desk.  This college campus is considering that very thing.

"If they have recycling bins instead of trash cans, then they see that they can do something instead of just throwing it away and it gets instituted better in their mind that they can can do something better than just throwing trash away."

The push used to be about putting litter in its place.  Now, the push is produce less trash in the first place.

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