Small Businesses Go Green

At Cheesy Eddies in Rochester, a bright idea is saving energy and money.  "We're always looking for ways to be more efficient from the stand point of going green and saving money as well," says John Baker of Cheesy Eddies. 

They are one of about a thousand small businesses in the area taking advantage of a program offered by RG&E and NYSEG. 

"This is just one thing that small businesses can do to do their part but they also save money and put a little extra cash in their pockets as well," says Heather Halstead of Enerpath.  

Businesses that use less than 100 Killowats of energy a month can get a free energy assessment and 70% of the upgrades are paid for by the energy companies.  

The money comes from a fund that everyone pays into on their electric bills.  Enerpath is the company doing the assessments. 

"All of these programs run out when the funding runs out.  We don't know when that will actually happen, so we like to encourage people to sign up as soon as possible," says Halstead.

At Cheesy Eddies, the upgrades just happened about a month ago.  But already, they can see a difference.  

"it's much brighter and everything works. I don't have to come in and change a lightbulb every week like I used to do and everyone seems to love the fact that their area is much more well lit," says Baker. 

If you want more information about the program call 1-877-359-9814.  You can also visit or

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