Penfield Adds Second Electric Car Charger

The Town of Penfield installed an electric car charging station at its library just over a year ago, and it's been so well received the town just installed another one.

Among those who are happy with that decision is Michael Baroody, who works at the Penfield Library.  Baroody decided to lease a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle seven months ago.  He's thrilled with the choice.  "I'll just be driving and sometimes people will come up and compliment me on my electric car or Volt, so they're definitely popular," he said.

Baroody commutes to and from work using his car's electric power.  That's significantly reduced his fuel emissions, helping the environment and his wallet.  "With this vehicle, I am lucky, I can fill the tank about every two to three months," he noted.  "That equates to about $35 every few months of gasoline."

To encourage drivers like Baroody, the Town of Penfield decided to install an electric car charging station last April.  "It worked so well at the library, and we had so much use and so much popularity, we wanted to bring it here to the Town Hall," said Penfield Town Supervisor Tony LaFountain.

The second charging station has been in place for a couple of weeks.  It's free for anyone to use.  Currently, the chargers operate at no cost to taxpayers thanks to another green initiative by the Town of Penfield.  A solar powered pump station is collecting 110 percent of its electrical capacity.  The excess energy is sold back to RG&E and that money covers the cost of the charging stations.

LaFountain hopes private companies will follow the town's lead.  "Can you imagine a retail business that offers that, where someone can come in, do their shopping and get a charge that will take them for another 15 miles, 30 miles, 50 miles?" he asked.

Baroody certianly can, and he's grateful the town is leading the way when it comes to charging stations.  "I'm glad to see Penfield's putting a couple more in the area for other people to use, not just at the library, but at Town Hall and hopefully other places in the future," he said.

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