Old Tractor Gets a "Green" Makeover

A gas guzzling tractor from 1949 is getting a new, environmentally friendly, lease on life. 
It's a vintage set of wheels that Erin Bullock puts to use at Mud Creek Farm in Victor.  

"All we have to do is pull the throttle back and away we go," says Bullock.  
It's a very quiet ride.  The tractor, built in the 1940's used to run on diesel.  But now, thanks to Bullock, it's electric. 

"We just plug it in at night.  It charges right up and holds a charge all day, so it's pretty sweet," says Bullock.  

The tractor is used for cultivating and a wagon can be attached when it's time to harvest crops.  "It's, I think, a really practical thing to do but also it's really fun to drive because you don't have to wear ear protection.  It's just a pleasant, quiet, ride," Bullock adds.   
The hydraulic lift is actually louder than the engine.  Bullock actually got the idea for transforming this tractor from a video online.

"A farmer in the Hudson Valley got a grant to do an electric conversion on this tractor.  Part of the grant requirement was that he put it all up on the web," says Bullock.  
She held a fundraiser to help cover the conversion costs.  It's just one example of the many things she does to help out the environment.

Bullock says, "we use all organic practices on the farm, but we also try to go beyond that and use the most sustainable practices that aren't going to waste resources."  

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