Local GM Facility Becoming More Energy Efficient

- Rochester's General Motors plans on Lexington Avenue is going green. 

The plant is the latest GM facility to go landfill-free. The doors were opened Monday to unveil the changes. As components to improve fuel efficiency and emissions are manufactured, the plant's nearly 1,000 employees reuse, recycle or convert to all waste from daily operations to energy. 

"We've been acting landfill-free since the beginning of this year. While we were landfill-free, several new manufacturing activities showed up, producing new waste; so we had to figure out landfill-free solutions for them. Landfill-free is really an ongoing process, it's not something that you just achieve and live with. It keeps going; you've got every day new challenges," GM engineer Gail Finkelstein said.

The 75-year-old plant is GM's 109th facility to go landfill-free. 

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