Green Cars at the Auto Show

There are lots of different ways cars can go green and it's not just about alternative fuels anymore.

At Rochester's auto show, all of the newest cars are on display.  That includes ones with all of the "green" bells and whistles. 

"It's about environment.  As much as anything it's about renewable energy use.  It's about cutting down on energy use to build a car," says John Schuldt.  He is the Regional Sales Manager for Ford and Lincoln. 

Each automaker is taking steps to meet new government standards for fuel efficiency.  But some are going above and beyond.  "Green refers to using sustainable materials, using renewable materials, improving fuel economy and finding new power trains to use in vehicles," says Brad McAreavy, the President of the Greater Rochester Automobile Dealer's Association.

The new Ford Escape has some green features that you won't find under the hood.  The seat cushions are made from soybeans and the door bolster is made from a tropical plant.   "If the seat cushions are made from soybeans we don't have to use petroleum based products for the foam that goes into the seat cushion," adds Schuldt.

"The tropical plant that's used in the door bolster reduces the weight of the door which helps the fuel economy.  And it saves ford motor company from using 300,000 pounds of oil based resin each year," he adds. 

With gas prices as high as they've been lately, cutting back on gas is a big priority for drivers.  That's why many car makers are also putting out new versions of their hybrid cars.  

"We're working on improving fuel efficiency of the Ford fleet and emphasizing how we've improved over the years in getting better fuel economy for our customers," says Schuldt.

If you'd like to check out those cars for yourself the auto show is at the Riverside Convention Center through Sunday.
For more information on the show, click here

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