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- It's harvest time at Mud Creek Farm in Victor. 

"After we transplant them, it really takes about a month before they are ready to harvest," said Ruth Blackwell of Mud Creek Farm.

On seven and a half acres, the farm grows a variety of things, from herbs, to a variety of vegetables and flowers.  All of the plants are grown with organic practices, meaning no chemical fertilizers or herbicides are used.  "You're building the fertility of the soil over time, and that just makes the land more and more healthy as you farm it, instead of depleting it," Blackwell said.

Blackwell runs the farm and feels strongly about sustainability.  260 people belong to their CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

"Once the harvest starts, they'll come out for 20 weeks.  They come out once a week and they pick everything fresh that day and get a big variety of stuff.  They walk away with a big box of vegetables once a week," Blackwell said.  

Blackwell says people like knowing where their fruits and vegetables come from, and they are always welcome to come out to the farm and volunteer.  Another way members are encouraged to be sustainable is to bring their fruit and vegetable scraps to the farm for compost.

"It's just a way for them to support small organic agriculture in their community and then reap the benefits.  It just makes sense to me to work with mother nature as opposed to against it," Blackwell added.

Benefits everyone can enjoy.  

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