Go Green: Worm Power

- Millions of tiny workers are helping to convert cow manure into into rich garden soil in Avon.

They are quiet workers that don't ask for much, just the occasional drink and lots of cow manure.

"We had to try to link the issues animal agriculture has with the needs that plant agriculture has," Work Power founder Tom Herlihy said.

Herlihy helps a local dairy farm get rid of animal waste and in return, uses earth worms to make a soil additive that farmers and gardeners can use to grow crops. 

"It's very easy to work with and we don't have anyone tell us it doesn't make nice plants," Herlihy said.

The process is called vermicomposting. He combines de-watered manure and animal feed and lets it sit at more than 120 degrees for 14 days to kill off unwanted organisms. Then, the worms get to work. 

"We feed that green compost to our 45 million happy and hungry workers," Herlihy said.

Over the years the business has grown. It started out ten years ago with 10,000 worms now have 45 million.

"It was a way to help the dairy industry grow because if they want to grow to have more cows and more cows equals more manure but have to find a responsible home for that additional manure," Herlihy said.

Worm Power now sells it's products in 26 states, helping gardens grow coast to coast. 

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