Go Green: Wood Jewelry

- A local artist is finding a way to turn scraps of wood into jewelry. 

When Ashley Landon graduated from college with a degree in Industrial Design, jewelry was not what she thought she would be making.

"When I was in college I was working in a wood shop and I started collecting scraps of wood out of the scrap and garbage bins because I felt bad seeing them go to waste," she said. "I just started fiddling around in the wood shop; just making small things and I always like the idea of making things to wear."

The hobby ended up turning into a full time business in 2011 when she set up a workshop in the basement of her parents' Pittsford home. 

"Learning how to make my pieces in ways that are not as fragile has taken a year or two," she said.

She uses many domestic woods like cherry, walnut and maple that are easily renewable.

"Making as small of an impact on the environment as possible is very important to me and my dad, who works with me," she said.

The wood Ashley works with are scraps given to her by another local artist who did not have a use for them. 

"A lot of it was really nice wood, but just tiny little pieces," she said.

She sells her necklaces at festivals and on her website. Recently she also started working with the store Thread on South Avenue.

"It's just been a learning experience using a material for something not traditionally made from that material," she said.

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