Go Green While You Watch the Super Bowl

Many people plan to spend a lot of time parked in front of the television this Super Bowl Sunday.  But there are some things you can do to save energy while you're watching the big game.

 At Rowe Photo, Video, Audio on Mount Hope Avenue in Rochester, television sales are strong this time of year. Many want to upgrade right before the big game.  "Smart tv's are a big hot button, 3d tv's are a big hot button, and also energy compliance is a big thing too," says Rich Ciaraldi, the Manager of Rowes' A-V Department.

More and more television makers are keeping the environment in mind. Most new televisions have special eco-settings.  Ciaraldi says, "there are eco settings in the TV that have room sensors. If you are not in the room for a period of time it shuts off. It registers room light and will adjust the picture based on the amount of room light."

LED tv's are now so much more efficient, that using one for 3 hours, five days a week is the same amount of energy you will save by switching to a CFL lightbulb.

"The best tv's in terms of energy compliance are led tv's and they have the lowest power consumption of all and continue to drop as time goes on. There will be whole new list of standards for 2013," says Ciaraldi. 

If you're not buying a new tv, there are also things you can do to older televisions that will also cut down on energy use.  Make sure stand-bye mode isn't using energy unnecessarily. Make sure the brightness is right for the room.  And, don't forget to use a power strip.

"Everybody is very conscious of consumption, green technology, and certainly the dramatic reduction of power consumption of a tv is a big influence on what people buy," adds Ciaraldi.   

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