Go Green: Tru Salon

- A local salon is proving that the beauty industry can be an environmentally friendly one. 

Julie Judge feels strongly about the products she uses at her salon. 

"We have chosen to partner with Aveda for our beauty care products," she said. "They were green before green was cool."

The company uses wind energy, recycled packaging and is committed to other environmentally friendly practices. Judge says it makes a big difference to her.

"I can feel good about what I am using on myself. I can feel good about what we are using on our guests," she said.

Even though many of the green ideas started out with the product line, it has now trickled down into many other parts of the salon. 

"We choose wind energy for part of our gas and electric. We have a high efficiency washer and dryer; turn down the heat at night. Things like that on a day-to-day basis," Judge said.

Even the wrapping on the holiday gift boxes is made from a renewable bark in Nepal. It provides jobs to people there and saves thousands of acres of forest.

"Sometimes we might think we can't make much of a difference so we don't do anything. So even though we might not change the world with what we do every day in the salon. The things we do can make a difference on our level. We recycle every piece of paper and cardboard and everything we can do," she said.

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