Go Green: Transforming A Building

- Work is underway to convert the old Geneva High School into the new Finger Lakes Community College Geneva campus.

"What we are doing in this step is making sure that all the materials that can be reused in the building are out to market," Ontario County Director of Planning Thomas Harvey said.

Crews have taken away flooring, railings, light fixtures, anything that can be re-purposed. Some of the old building will be preserved, including this facade. The rest will be demolished and built anew.

"One of the things we will be doing to make the project more sustainable is we'll be milling a lot of the masonry in the building, using it for fill," Harvey said.

The new campus will also go green, adhering to lead standards for energy efficiency. As the conversion takes place, many of the items from the old school have found their way to the ReHouse in Rochester.

"The highlight is the lighting in the auditorium. There are eight chandaliers that are three feet by four feet and they are phenomenal, beautiful glass and bronze chandaliers," owner Sally Kamprath said.

There is also smaller light features, library stacks, even lockers- all with the chance for new life.

"You're saving tons of material from the landfill, and the embodied energy to remake some of this stuff, it's just amazing what you can do with reused materials," Kamprath said.

The project's sustainable focus goes beyond the hardware. The new campus will give students from Geneva walking and biking access to higher education.

"This is really about a commitment to the community, one block adjacent to downtown, and really to the city of Geneva," Ontario County Supervisor Charlie Evangelista said.

The new campus is slated to open in the fall of 2015.

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