Go Green Report: Green Visions

- It's city eyesore is now full of flowers thanks to the Greenvisions program.  Young men and women in the program began planting here in may. now, two months later there work is in full bloom.

Khari Thompson, a Greenvisions participant, says,  "developing some skills, it's pretty great!"  She has learned a lot about plants, and has been creating videos to share the knowledge with others, "I didn't know that if you cut off flowers heads they grow back! pretty simple, but little things like that it's kind of cool to learn about and share with other people make sure everyone has this basic education."

The lessons learned in Greenvisions go beyond the garden. The team meets weekly to go over their business plan. The cut flowers are then sold at the public market Saturday mornings from 8-1.

This is the second year for the green visions program and it has doubled in size and the hope is that it will grow again next year."

The vision really is to have this community just flourishing. healthy in more ways than one.  Dr Ralph Spezio, Principal of School #17, said, "The vision really is to have this community just flourishing, healthy in more ways than one."

In order to grow the program, Greenvisions needs sponsors like Coca-Cola which has been providing the workers with water.  Matt Ruffing, VP of Field Operations for Coca-Cola, is happy to help, "This fits right into what we do as a company, very very excited to be a part of it. "

It's an investment in the future of the community.

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