Go Green Report: Eco-Friendly Driveway Tar

- A familiar summer sight is driveways being sealed but a new product on the market isn't your average coal tar sealer.  Bill Johnson, of Ecoseal, says, "The Ecoseal product is a non carcinogen, non toxic, no smell, ashpalt emulsion sealer."  Bill Johnson started using the eco-friendly alternative after learning about coal tar bans taking place around the country.  Austin, texas was the first city to ban the use of coal tar back in 2006.  Since then, many other cities have followed suit. 
Coal tar contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAC's which the government says may be a carcinogen, ""it has PAC's in it which creates dust and dust tracks into houses and that's where the carcinogens live."  "Johnson started using the non-toxic sealer in 2012 and started making his own last year, ""it's a petroleum base with fillers and recycled tire rubber with latex additives to make it last."   So far, his customers are pleased with the results.  Bob marvin of the Realty Performance Group has used this on 16 properties, "The best feedback we're getting is that they like the fact that it is eco-friendly, but they also like the fact there is no smell."  Johnson says his sealer does cost a little bit more than the coal-tar based alternative  but he says most customers don't mind paying extra for the piece of mind, "There are quite a few more environmental conscious people than there used to be and they just want to do their part in helping out."


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