Go Green Report: Back to School Shopping

- Rochester, NY (WROC)-  Kristin Norton is on her second back to school shopping trip.  With four kids, three of them in school, it will take a few tries to get everything on the lists.  "We have to buy a ton of stuff," says Kristen.

The Environmental Protection Agency is urging parents to look out for the environment as they fill up their carts this year.  It's something many parents say is easier said than done.  Kristen adds, "We have to buy so many different paper goods and notebooks and at the end of the year they come home with 2/3 or 3/4 of the notebooks not even used because they want to have seperate ones for every subject."  Norton re-uses old notebooks at home for projects but wishes there was a more efficient way to gear up for school.  Many other parents agree.  Even preschoolers are being urged to stock up. 

"I have to buy markers notebook, backpack, tissue, glue sticks, I think they also want crayons as well.  Getting things for her at 3 years old," said mother Shameka Collins.  The EPA says parents should look out for excess packaging.  Thirty percent of all the waste generated comes from it.  Try to re-use supplies like pens and pencils.  If you have to buy new, look for items that are recycled or sourced responsibly.  For every 42 notebooks made with 100% recycled paper, one tree is saved.

Lunch is another place where the environment can be kept in mind.  Re-usable bags and bottles can cut down on waste. 

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