Go Green Report: April 10th, 2014

- It's a humble operation inside Bob Abbey's York garage but it's where he turns recycled cooking oil into biodiesel fuel and then soap. 

Abbey says, ""I collect  the vegetable oil from restaurants when they are done with it and make biodiesel fuel.  The glycerin bye-product has a little soap in it plus pre-fatty acid as well.  I mix the fatty acid into the soap and that's all there is to the product.  It works fantastic."

The full cycle soap can be used on anything from your hands to an engine.  Abbey says it works particularly well on grease and the best part is it's a green product. 

"It's just all natural," says Abby,  "no crazy chemicals in it like you see in ingredients when you pick up liquid soap or any kind of detergent."

He's been selling the soap in some local stores and at festivals.  People like the idea of using something that has been re-used three times,  For food, fuel, and now soap.

For more information please visit: www.fullcyclesoap.com

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