Go Green: MetLife Stadium Offers "Green" Food Service

- The home of this year's Super Bowl game is being recognized as the largest "green" food service operation ever. 

Sixty-one environmental measures had to be met at MetLife Stadium to receive the green restaurant certification. With more than 200 on-site restaurants, it is no easy task. Some of the green features include the converstion of kitchen oils to bio-diesel fuel, the composting of kitchen scraps, the use of Energy Star equipment and the elimination of all styrofoam containers. Michael Oshman, CEO and founder of the Green Restaurant Association, hopes MetLife Stadium sets the bar high for other sports venues. 

"We have already begun dialogue with another football stadium on the east coast and are also in discussions with some other sports stadiums too. So yes, we already got others thinking about well if MetLife did it, we could do something similar here and lower our financial and environmental baseline," she said. 

The association has been around since 1990. It has certified thousands of restaurants in 47 states and Canada, but again this is the first major sports stadium, making this the first "green" Super Bowl. 

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