Go Green: Metalico's gates

- Rochester's Metalico is turning some of its scrap into treasure and hoping to redefine the image of the scrap metal industry at the same time.

The company is hoping to change the image through a new artistic design.

At first glance, the pile of scrap metal at Metalico doesn't seem very "green" but this is not yesterday's junkyard.  Bob Frank is Metalico's VP of Commercial Industrial Upstate NY and the Rochester-based General Manager.  "We fabricate all of our scrap containers, we fabricate our truck bodies, and a lot of the materials, the items that we make are made out of material that's scrapped by other companies," he said.

The way Frank sees it, recycling scrap metal helps clean up and beautify an area.  It's reflected in a mural he commissioned on Rochester's Portland Avenue, and in a new project soon to be completed.  Frank has enlisted friend and local sculptor Dejan Pejovic and assistant Vince Pallotta to create two massive gates for the entrance to Metalico's facility on Scottsville Road.

Construction of the gates is ongoing.  When asked how he has approached the work, Pejovic responded, "As a design challenge, and at this point as an engineering challenge."

Frank said of the project, "It's a step above recycling, it's re-using."

The gates are being built from scrapped rebar and will stand 33 feet by 11 feet.  Pejovic says the engineering becomes part of the artistry.  "It's a very gratifying process, I like that aspect of it."

The gates will appear as scales to those who pass along Scottsville Road.  The scale is the measure of a fair price in the scrapping business.

When the completed gates are installed in mid-October, Frank hopes they redefine the image of Metalico and the scrap metal business.  He envisions the gates as, "The entrance into the new generation here, years ago the junkyard was what it was referred to, today it's a recycling facility."

And that's pretty green after all. 

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