Go Green: May 8th, 2014

- In the heart of downtown Rochester, contemporary furniture is being crafted.  Staach was founded in 2006 and the business has been growing steadily. and so has its reputation for being green.  Seth Eshelman, the owner of Staach Furniture, says, ""We founded the company on very strong ethical and environmental principles so receiving the accolade for best in the world is really something we strived for since day 1." 

Recently, Staach was named to the best for the environment list by a non-profit group called the B Lab.  Eschelman added, "It's how we design the furniture.  We reduce the amount of materials that goes into it. The machines we purchased are more energy efficient so they reduce the amount of energy and carbon being emitted as a result of that."

They also use water based finishes and the wood is certified by the forest stewardship council, which means it is harvested responsibly, "They can actually track that mill to where they actually sourced the lumber and what forest it came out of."  Reassuring for many customers also concerned about the environment, ""It's a resource we live breathe and eat and without it none of us would exist.  I think it's incumbent on all of us individually and businesses as well to be responsible with it."

Among the best in the world- and the best for the world.

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