Go Green: Lento Restaurant

- The restaurant Lento opened up six years ago with the goal of being sustainable.  Now, several years later, they are proving that fine dining can be local.  
Located in the Village Gate, fall is a busy time of year at Lento.  It makes sense because now is a great time to eat what is grown and raised in our area.  "This is the trend everywhere else in the country right now.  I'm surprised
how long it took for Rochester to get on board with farm to table dining", says Chef and Owner Art Rogers.   He has believed in the farm to table concept since he opened his restaurant, but it took a while for customers to understand what that meant.

"When we first opened, everyone thought we were vegetarian.   It has taken 6 years and there is still confusion.  But you can get meat from local farms. We support local sustainable farms, we get all our meat from local farms as opposed to just produce when it is in season.  By supporting
local farms, it not only helps the environment.  It also supports the economy.  It keeps all the dollars here in
Western New York and the Rochester area," Rogers adds. 

Working with local farms is something the folks at Lento take a lot of pride in.  When you walk in the door, a board lists all of the producers they do business with.  The menu also showcases local partners and just because
winter is here doesn't mean the food supply will run low.  Many growers use hydroponics so Rogers can keep cooking up local year round.    

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