Go Green: High Falls

- New York State is throwing some support behind a major project that would transform Rochester's High Falls area.

It's an idea of what the area around the High Falls could look like - and it would help the environment, too.

A local group, "Friends of the Gardenaerial" has a three phase plan to change this space into a major environmental attraction.

"This is a unique natural asset to Rochester,"  group member Michael Philipson said. "No where else really around the world has a waterfall inside a canyon in the city. We are so lucky to have that and we ought to be polishing that gem."

Recently New York State awarded a $500,000 grant to help kick start the vision.

The work will start this spring on the "flour" garden and should be complete in the fall.

Studies are also being done on phase two of the project that could include projects on the other side of the falls.

"We are going to study that as well as the possibility of building a bridge across the falls as part of phase 2," Philipson said. 
"Once you do that bride and make connection across the falls you now have a 3/4 mile hub trail."

It's the beginning of a dream- that could change the reality for this section of the city.

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